To make an appointment:

Alain Girouard
Certified canine massage therapist- (Muscle relaxation, Reiki, TTouch, stretching, aromatherapy, acupressure). 

Consultant in animal mistreatment (Evaluation & rehabilitation)

Lecture (''The chronicles of a canine massage therapist'')

Introduction workshops (''I LOVE MY DOG 1 and 2'')

Dog walker, Animal&house-sitting (Adapted to the specific needs of your pets. References available)


 -A canine massage is $65.00

At the moment of scheduling an appointment, we will also open up a personal file for your dog.  We will discuss important details like his/her general health and personality/behaviour for me to better establish a massage routine that will be adapted to the specific needs of your pet and in accordance with your vet's diagnosis.  

-Dogwalking service: $20 an hour & includes a relaxing or stimulating warm-up massage that is adapted to your dog's specific needs. (Special rate $15 an hour for 3 walks a week and up).  PS: Your dog REALLY gets a whole hour of attention adapted to his/her needs and personality and in no case will another dog walker, unknown to you, be sent to your home to replace me.


-The private 2 hour ''I LOVE MY DOG'' workshop is $80.00 

-The lecture entitled ''The chronicles of a canine massage therapist'' offers in depth information on the subject through my numerous and diverse experiences with dogs and unique cases.  This discussion includes results achieved with the application of massage therapy plus thoughts, ideas and suggestions.  The question period also offers you the oppurtunity to relate the topic of canine massage to you and your dog's needs.  You will also learn a few therapeutic massage techniques to give you an idea of the workshops' curriculum so yes, you can bring your dog with you! :O)

Gift certificates available for all occasions! Phone 514-949-6304 to order :)

A 50% charge is now effective for all cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to a scheduled massage session and workshop. 


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