‘’I LOVE MY DOG 1’’ (2 hour private or group workshop). Basic massage techniques like effleurage, petrissage, TTouch and stretching are covered and easily applied to your dog.  You will also learn to read their physical language in reaction to the massage . It’s a great way to enhance the connection between you and your pet. It is also my pleasure to incorporate techniques that are adapted to the specific needs of each dog present at a workshop. 

''I LOVE MY DOG 2'' - A review of the massage techniques seen in the ''I LOVE MY DOG 1'' workshop, Reiki, an introduction to acupressure, massage adapted to the specific needs of our older dogs and a segment titled ''Preparing myself to the passing of my dog and the grieving period''.  The main purpose for this follow-up workshop is to introduce the notion of energy, our positive energy presence combined with the massage techniques to offer our dogs a more complete care.

Bring your dog's blanket/cushion, treats and a cushion for yourself.  Aggressive or disruptive dogs will not be included, sorry.

The workshops are also available to canine care professionals (For example: Groomers, zootherapists, trainers, dog walkers, dog hotel/daycare owners and their employees, veterinarian assistants).  These workshops offer additional knowledge combined with a gentle yet effective approach that will foster a more manageable and caring environment for the professionals and the animals they work with. To reserve now: info@zenwoof.com or 514-949-6304


 The next workshops and lectures:

The ''I LOVE MY DOG 1&2'' WORKSHOPS are currently available by appointment at BRANDY'S  -Holistic Centre & Canine Cafe ( www.brandys.ca ) at 469 Marie-Anne E., Montreal, on The Plateau in Montreal.  Private & small groups, maximum of 7 people + dogs. Reserve quickly at 514-680-5582 or info@zenwoof.com or 514-949-6304

I will be present @ GUIDES CANINS' trials on Saturday Sept.5 & Sunday Sept 6 2015 with my pre- & post-competition massages & workshops.  1200A Montee Poirier in St-Lazare, www.guidescanins.com  For more info: 450-424-1469 or info@zenwoof.com   

''I LOVE MY DOG 1'' -WORKSHOP, Saturday April 6th 2013, 9:30 to 11:30PM at DogZworth-Canine Training Center, 180 Chemin du Golf, Ile des Soeurs, Qc.  45$(in advance).  Places are limited.  Reserve quickly with Mélody Taillon at DogZworth or info@zenwoof.com  

''I LOVE MY DOG 1'' -WORKSHOP, Sunday October 14th 2012, 5:00 to 7:00PM at ANIMAL VERT, 1910 Gauthier on The Plateau in Montreal.  50$(in advance).  Places are limited.  Reserve quickly at 514-543-8378 or info@zenwoof.com

The lecture entitled ''The chronicles of a canine massage therapist'', Saturday  October 13th 2012, 5:00-6:45PM at ANIMAL VERT, 1910 Gauthier in Montreal (Plateau area).  $45(in advance).  Dogs are also welcome, on leash.  We'll also see a few canine massage techniques to give you an idea of the workshops' curriculum.  Reserve quickly at info@zenwoof.com or 514-949-6304    


''Thank you Alain for these 2 workshops of quality & heart!''   -Zuzia Kubica, canine behaviourist (www.coeurcanin.com)   

''I received the private workshops ''I LOVE MY DOG-1'' and ''I LOVE MY DOG-2'' as a birthday gift and what a wonderful gift and experience it turned out to be!  Besides being a nice way to bond with your canine companion, it brings great health benefits to your dog and therefore to you:  A happy dog=A happy owner!  Alain himself is a great instructor and a wonderful person.  He is patient and to the point.  His explanations are clear and he takes his time showing you the right technique.  He never hesitates to answer any question one might have.  I use what I learned to prevent eventual stiffness in the joints of my young dog Bailey who has had some growing issues since he turned out to be a large dog.  I cannot express the satisfaction and joy I feel when I see I can help my Bailey boy feel good!  It was a great gift to receive.  Give those workshops to that crazy dog person who already has everything or give to yourself and your best four-legged friend the gift of a lifetime.  You will not regret it and will simply be amazed at what you can achieve.  Enjoy the journey.'' Cristina N.,Saint-Lazare, Quebec.


''Thanks for the fabulous workshop.  I was pleasantly surprised at how calm and receptive Kelly was.  We totally appreciated it.  I massage her a little bit every day and she asks for more!  But tonight  I'll take the time for a longer session with soft music and candles on.  It is also relaxing for me as it is a shared and calm moment with my dog.''    Stéphanie Pellerin, Québec City.


''I enjoyed the workshop.  As an introduction to canine massage it is not too complex and very beneficial.  I liked that Alain applied some of the techniques on us to help us understand and feel how to apply them on our dog.  And the printed sheets sure help afterwards.  Thanks a lot!''           Ariane, Québec City.


''I can't wait to try the techniques at home on my dog.  I loved Alain's energy:  Very calm and he knows how to help us and our dogs feel at ease.  We've learned many different techniques (petrissage, TTouch, vibrations, etc.)  so we have many to choose from when we massage our dog.'' 

Marie-Eve St-Gelais, Québec City.


''I loved that workshop!  I have 3 dogs to practice on and it does them a lot of good and even more so on the one who's more stressed and nervous.  Keep up the good work, thanks again!''                                    France A.


''Again, thank you for the ''I LOVE MY DOG 1'' workshop.  It was relaxing for the dogs AND the owners.  I was amazed by your calming presence and at how the dogs would react when YOU were touching and massaging them!''

                                     Paule V.and Molly.